How to Change a Zipper Slider on Luggage

How to Change a Zipper Slider on Luggage

Snagged and loosened zipper sliders are more than just a nuisance, it can be costly and the cause of lost items that fell off from the opened zipper. Rather than spending more money to replace the entire luggage, you can purchase a new zipper slider to replace the broken ones. Zipper sliders can be found in arts and crafts stores, hardware stores and they can also be ordered online.


  1. Hold the pulling tag of the slider and use the pliers to cut off the little bar at its top centre part. This little bar is what holds the zipper slider together. Remove the old slider.

    How to Change a Zipper Slider on Luggage
  2. Attach the new slider to one side of the zipper by inserting the zipper through the hole. Move the slider up and down. Choose a spot near the starting position of the zipper to ensure the slider is going toward the right direction on the luggage.

  3. Hold the other side of the zipper and fit through the second slider hole. Move up and down.

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